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Chocovision Mini Rev Chocolate Tempering Machine, 1.5 Lb. Capacity, 110V

Chocovision Mini Rev Chocolate Tempering Machine, 1.5 Lb. Capacity, 110V
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The Mini Rev is a tabletop chocolate temperer designed with the home user in mind. It possesses all the technology to create perfectly tempered chocolates, while maintaining simplified features that anyone can follow. Create perfectly tempered dark, white, or milk chocolate in just twenty-five minutes. Whether for having fun with the family on the holidays or adding a special touch to a dinner party, the Mini Rev is an affordable appliance for any chocolate lover.
  • 110V, 60Hz
  • Fully automatic microprocessor using forced hot air
  • Ejection molded shock-resistant ABS plastic
  • 12.5 inch W x 10.5 inch D x 5.25 inch H
  • Melts and tempers 1.5 lbs. of pure chocolate in approximately 27 to 30 minutes
  • Controls pools of tempered chocolate in increments of 0.2 degrees F
  • 3 prong-grounded and polarized plug
  • 2-key controls featuring “easy clean” Lexan overlay with pictograms and “quick start” instructions
  • Bowl capacity minimum 4 oz. / maximum 1.5 lbs.
  • Removable high-polish dishwasher-safe stainless steel bowl with integral stainless steel lock
  • High-impact dishwasher-safe removable ABS plastic baffle with integral temperature probe
  • 3 pieces molded wear-resistant single-piece slip-fit PE scraper
  • 1 cover, 1 dipping tool, 1 baffle brush
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty from manufacturer
  • Instruction manual included
Ideal working range 68 to 72°F. Room humidity should not exceed 50%

All internal and external replacement (repair) parts and components are the same for the the Mini Rev as for the Revolation 1, except for the control and power boards inside the machine.

The Chocovision Mini Rev and Rev 2 temperers have the same capacity for chocolate and run the same way functionally. That said, the Revolation 2 possesses three features that the Mini Rev does not. They are:

  • Digital Display Screen: Displays the chocolate’s temperature as it moves up and down, from cycle to cycle, helping the user know at what point in the process they are at
  • Bowl Pause: Stops the bowl for up to 90 seconds at a time in order to dip the more delicate items (so that they won’t break apart into the pool of chocolate
  • Manual Temperature Adjustment: Allows the user to raise and lower the temperatur-set points to conform to the more “exotic” or higher cocoa mass chocolates. With the Mini Rev, you must use the default melt and temper settings and use chocolate that will work with them
  • Overnight Mode: Allows the user to keep melted chocolate in the bowl for extended periods of time, by cycling between 100F-85F while rotating the bowl intermittently. The use can then return to the melted chocolate and reset it to enter straight into a temper cycle, speeding up the cycle itself.
The Mini Rev does not have an on/off switch.
Tool Type Tempering machine
Lbs. Capacity 1.5
Voltage 110
Chocovision Mini Rev Chocolate Tempering Machine, 1.5 Lb. Capacity, 110V Average Customer Rating
4.6 stars - (9 reviews)
Didn't work for me I had the same bad experience as a lot of the reviewers from Amazon. I wish I had read them before buying this machine. I couldn't get tempered chocolate from this machine at all. I tried Callebaut, Trader Joe's and grocery store chocolate. I can temper them all by hand but not in this machine I talked to Chocovision but none of their suggestions worked. I bought this from Chocovision. They have a no refund policy. I didn't see that before I bought this. I hope this review helps.
By Rose, AR on June 10, 2020
Very good This new machine I purchased is so much better then my old one. It seems to melt the chocolate faster, and it seems to run a little quieter.

Very pleased with this one.

By Granilu, California on December 9, 2016
Awesome! Love my mini tempering machine, takes the stress out of tempering chocolate perfectly. One thing though, do not put the plastic cover in the dishwasher, I did and it's damaged.
By Msluxlife, NY on February 25, 2015