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H.L. Unico Empanada Fork Pastry Sealer

H.L. Unico Empanada Fork Pastry Sealer
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Empanadas are a Latino favorite traditionally sealed with a fork, a time-consuming and arduous job--until this tool appeared.

The brainchild of Hipatia Lopez, the strong and durable Empanada Fork does what its name denotes, sealing your pastry dough as you've done with a fork, but without the repeated pressing, thanks to the fork-like tines arranged in a crescent.

Using this tool is simple: Place the Empanada Fork over the pastry, push down on the handle, then place your fingers on the metal crescent and press down for a neater seal. Turn the pastry over and seal again.

Save time and speed up production of empanadas, turnovers, mini calzones and more, whether at home or in a restaurant kitchen.

  • 5 inch x 3-3/16 inch x 4-1/8 inch high (127mm x 81mm x 105mm high)
  • Durable stainless steel 1/16 inch (1.8mm) thick
  • Comfortable anti-slip handle
  • Time and labor saving
H.L. Unico Empanada Fork Pastry Sealer Average Customer Rating
3.9 stars - (11 reviews)
Empanadas Yum! Great product that makes our lives easier. My kid knows how to use it too. She loves making banana / Nutella pastries!! Awesome for parties when you need to make empanadas for lots of people! Get your empanada fork today!
By Gorana, New Jersey on May 14, 2018
Love it! I use this all the time to make my empanadas. It's easy to use and it cuts my prep time in half. Love it!
By Vivian Araujo, New Jersey on September 20, 2018
Love Love this utensil!! My family use it all the time... Thanks for making cooking easier!
By Jennyann, NJ on July 26, 2018
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Average Customer Rating
3.9 stars - (11 reviews)